Automotive Digital Mirror System

Automotive Digital Mirror System

Combining advanced camera imaging technology with high-end liquid crystal displays, our digital mirror system provides drivers with a wider field of view and angle through digital solution.  Enhanced with intuitive safety assistance features, it significantly reduces blind spots for vehicles and effectively minimizes driver fatigue. Compare to the traditional physical mirrors, this system offers greater safety assurance for vehicle control.

Product Features of Digital Mirror System

Digital Display: The digital liquid crystal display screen offers higher contrast and improved nighttime visibility, contributing to clearer rearview images and enhanced driving safety.

Expanded Field of View: The high-resolution wide-angle lens captures a broader rear view, effectively reducing blind spots and providing drivers with a clearer understanding of the surrounding environment, significantly improving driving safety.

Glare Reduction: The Digital Mirror does not rely on glass or mirrors to reflect images and, with the adoption of surface anti-glare technology, can greatly reduce situations of reflection or glare.

Multiple Viewing Angles: Drivers can freely choose different viewing angles to adapt to various driving situations, such as parking, changing lanes, or highway driving.

Electronic Integration: It can be seamlessly integrated with vehicle safety and driver assistance systems, providing a more comprehensive driving support.

Compatible Product Options

Display: 5"/8.8"/12.3" (Touchscreen optional)
Frame Rate: 25~60 1 or 2 Input

Camera: AI Camera/Radar Camera/Standard Camera

Digital Mirror System Additional Features

  • One Lens Outputs Two Different Angled Screens
  • Individually Adjustable Split-Screen Display Angles and Perspectives
  • Combined Field of View Assistance + AI Dual Effects
  • Integrated Warning Interface and deployment
  • Fisheye Lens Correction