E-Paper panel

E-Paper is a display technology used to mimic the look of ordinary ink on paper, and it possesses several unique characteristics such as:

1. Low Power Consumption: After displaying image, E-Paper does not require a continuous power supply to retain the display image.  It consumes power only when changing the page and almost no energy is used to sustain the display image.  This makes E-Paper widely used for applications like e-readers, price tags, and other scenarios where the display needs to be maintained for extended periods.

2. High Contrast Ratio: Images displayed on E-Paper exhibit a high contrast ratio, making text and graphics clearly visible under various lighting conditions.  Compared to liquid crystal displays (LCDs), E-Paper offers higher contrast and a closer resemblance to real paper.

3. Long-Term Stability: Images displayed on E-Paper can be maintained for prolonged periods without degradation or changes.  Once an image is displayed on the screen, it can be sustained for an extended duration without requiring additional power input.

4. Lightweight and Flexibility: E-Paper is thin and lightweight just like the real paper.  With the characteristic of flexible and curved base, it can widely used on portable and easy-carry device which is durable than the glass base.

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Model No Photo Size Resolution Outline(m*m) Active Area Interface Display color Note
OEP0097AT1 0.97" E-paper Panel 0.97" 88x184 14.15x30.00 10.65x22.26 SPI Black & Red & White -- --
OEP0213AT1 2.13" E-paper Panel 2.13" 122x250 29.2x59.2 13.42 x 10.06 SPI Black & Red & White -- --
OEP0420AT1 4.2" E-paper Panel 4.2" 400x300 91.00x77.00 84.80x63.60 SPI Black & Red & White -- --