TN, STN, HTN, FSTN LCD Module, Custom STN LCD display
Character, Graphic, Custom STN LCD module, COG, COB Structure

The matrix of 8x2, 16x1, 16x2, 16x4, 20x2, 20x4, 24x2 and dot matrix of 122x32, 128x64, 144x32, 192x64, 240x64, 240x128, 320x240 are available.  More size will be launched step by step in our STN LCD display category.  Optima Opto have options with the LCD color, polarizer type, backlight color on the STN liquid crystal display, you may easily find the one you need for your end product.

Our LCD module can apply for industrial equipment such as medical, white goods, communication, entertainment field..etc.  You can always choose the appropriate LCD module according to your application needs.
Polarizer options: Reflective/ Tranflective/ Transmission
LCD type options: TN/ STN/ HTN/ FSTN
LCD color options: Yellow Geen/ Blue/ Black
LED backlight options: White/ Blue/ Yellow Green/ Green/ Red/ Amber,etc

Optima Opto is a professional STN display module factory who has been devoted in this industry for over 15 years.  With supreme working environment and management discipline plus our expertize in design, R&D and manufacturing, Optima Opto become a leading STN display module factory who can offer customer the best quality and service for our STN LCD module.