OLED (Organic Light- Emitting Diode) Display, OLED Module
OLED display, Character OLED display, Graphic OLED, PM OLED, AM OLED, OLED panel

Optima Opto has different form of OLED display such as OLED panel (chip on glass style) and OLED module (chip on board).  With the advantages of high contrast ratio, high brightness, thin structure, low power consumption, fast response time, wide view angle and wide operation temperature, OLED display is a good choice to upgrade your typical display (TN/ STN/ FSTN LCD display) performance.
We provide various options with monochrome OLED and full color OLED (AM), they are accessible for wearable, medical, white goods, consumer product application.

Optima Opto is a leading OLED display supplier for more than 15 years producing high quality OLED display module and OLED display panel.  We have ideal factory environment control and management as well as professional human resources and work discipline.  Prioritizing customer satisfaction, we stringently follow protocols in design, R&D and manufacturing.  Optima Opto is a professional OLED display supplier, all of the OLED display module and OLED display panel are produced under strict standards of quality control.