VATN Character LCD Module

With more than 15 years of character VATN LCD experience, Optima Opto become an optimal VATN module factory supplying to all over the world.

VATN display is the 'Vertical Alighment Twisted Numatic' LCD technology, with the features as below it brings superior display performance.

- wider view angle of 70 degree of all direction
- true black background
- high contrast ratio up to 120:1
- less expensive than OLED display

- 4 silk printing colors is available

The standard character type of VATN LCD such as 16x2, 20x2 are in our VATN module category, more than that the customize ICON type VATN LCD is very popular applying for white goods, industrial equipment, medical device, consumer product..etc. 

Optima Opto is able to provide value add solution on customize VATN LCD display according to your project requirement.


Model No Photo Resolution Outline Dimension (WхH) Viewing Area (WхH) Character size (WхH) Character pitch (WхH) Duty Backlight LED Driver IC
OC1602BxVx 16x2 VATN Character Module 16x2 80.0x36.0 64.0x14.4 2.95x4.35 2.65x5.05 1/16 Gray / YG / Blue / White ST7066
OC2002AxVx 20x2 VATN Character Module 20x2 116.0x37.0 85.0x18.6 3.20x5.55 3.70x5.95 1/16 Gray / YG / Blue / White ST7066