Custom Display Solution, Custom Design
Custom LCD, LCD Module, Custom TFT solution, Touch Panel, Custom backlight, Front Cover, the display periperial 

Optima Opto provide consultancy from the early development stage of new project and advise appropriate spec. as well as the material within display total solution throughout the mass production.  The custom solution including LCD (monochrome & color), backlight, touch panel, FPC, front cover, driving circuit, control board, firmware and software...etc.  One stop service is able to bring you more efficiency and better budget cost with project development.

Optima Opto is a professional LCD display module manufacturer focusing on design, development and production.  We are able to provide total solution on custom design with hardware and software integration of the LCD display.  With a professional management team and production processes that lead us achievement in the competitive international market.  Optima Opto become a leading custom LCD display module manufacturer who is a optimal display partner to offer value add solution with high quality custom display module.