OLED Character Module

As a leading OLED display supplier, Optima Opto has been involved in the industrial field of OLED character display for more than 15 years.

With OLED display feature as below, the OLED display is enable to enrich and upgrade the display performance.

- High brightness

- Good contrast ratio up to 10,000:1

- Low power consumption

- Thin and light weight without backlight

- Infinite view angle up to

- Wide operation temperature -40℃~80℃ 

OLED display is good to apply on the white goods, smart home appliance, instrument, car dashboard, medical device and IoT sytsem...etc.  Easy to upgrade your product from STN LCD module to OLED module mechanically.

Optima Opto is a professional OLED display supplier built up by a group of expert engineers, we are capable to work integration with control solution for OLED character display so that you are able to gain efficiency and cost effective.

Model No Photo Size Resolution Color Panel Size Active Area Interface Driver IC Note
OE1602A3 2.26" OLED Character Module 2.26" 16*02 W/Y/G/B/R 68.5x17.5 56.22х11.52 6800/8080 SH1111 --
OE1602A4 2.26" OLED Character Module 2.26" 16*02 W/Y/G/B/R 80.0x36.0 56.22х11.52 6800/8080 SH1111 --
OE2002A3 2.93" OLED Character Module 2.93" 20*02 W/Y/G/B/R 84.5x19.28 73.52x11.52 6800/8080 SH1111 --