HDMI Display

Optima Opto is the leading factory with HDMI TFT LCD display who offers customer the best quality and service on the design and development.

TFT LCD with HDMI interface control board and capacitive touch panel can be worked as a monitor through connecting to the computer that has HDMI output.  Or it can be simply worked with Raspberry Pi as a monitor, support with 2 points touch.
As a leading HDMI TFT LCD display factory, Optima Opto dedicated itselves to provide high-quality HDMI TFT LCD display panel.  We have an experienced professional R&D team and professional equipment to keep the product quality at a high level.

Model No Photo Size Resolution Outline(m*m) Interface Viewing Angle Drive Ic Brightness Touch Panel
OF050CHC 5.0" HDMI Display 5.0" 800*480 136.66x75.8x23.2 HDMI 12H TFP401A 450 CTP
OF070HCT 7.0" HDMI Display 7.0" 800*480 164.8x99.8x5.5 HDMI 12H TFP401A 400 RTP
OF070HCT00 7.0" HDMI Display 7.0" 800*480 182.2x101.2x21 HDMI 12H TFP401A 400 CTP
OF088AHC00 8.8" HDMI Display 8.8" 1280*320 229.66x67.50x3.50 HDMI free - 1000 CTP