Custom LCD+ PCB

Custom LCD+ PCB
Model:Custom Model
This is a customize item
If you are intertesting in any other size or type, please don't hesitate and let us know.

Optima is capable to provide custom display solution per your special needs when the standard module can not fit in your requirement.  We are able to provide custom parts as below:
- LCD with character/ graphic/ icon type
- bezel with different material and shape
- backlight with special LED color, brightness, shape..etc.
- touch panel with resistive and capacitive type, special screen printing with bonding process
- PCB in order to bridge with the main board or any other driving purpose
- connector as FPC, FFC, metal pin...etc.
- cover lens with special coating such as anti-scratch, half mirror, anti- glare, UV cut, anti-reflection, anti-newton ring, anti-fog, anti- salt water, EMI shielding..etc.

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