2.13" E-paper Panel

2.13" E-paper Panel
Resolution: 122*250
Power supply: 3.0V
Interface: SPI
IC: SSD1680Z8
Color: Black, White & Red
Mechanical Data

It can achieve monochrome or multi-color display.  Typically, when it displays black and white or black and red colors, it only consumes energy when refreshing the page, and requiring almost no power to retain the display state.  This significantly extends the battery life and makes the device more energy-efficient.  With a wide viewing angle, the image remains clear and visible from different perspectives, without any visual distortion.


Item Dimension(m*m)
Module dimension 29.20 x 59.20
View area -
Active area 13.42 x 10.06
Dot pitch 0.1942 x 0.1942




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