2.93" OLED Character Module

2.93" OLED Character
Resolution: 20*2
Power supply: 5V
Interface: 6800
IC: SH1111
Duty: 1/16 Duty
Option: 8080/SPI
Mechanical Data

OLED display is self illuminating which is featured with high brightness, good contrast ratio, low power consumtion as well as thin and light weight.  OLED display is good to apply on the white goods, smart home appliance, instrument, car dashboard, medical device and IoT sytsem...etc. Easy to upgrade your product from STN LCD module to OLED module mechnically.  The model# OE2002 is able to bring you a brilliant performance than the STN LCD module.


Item Dimension(m*m)
Module dimension 84.5 x 19.28
View area 75.52 x 13.52
Active area 73.52 x 11.52
Pixel size 0.65 x 0.70



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