128x64 STN COG Module

128x64 STN COG
Resolution: 128*64
Power supply: 3V
Interface: 8080
IC: ST7567
Duty: 1/65 Duty
Mechanical Data

COG (Chip On Board) is available with Monochrome Character/ Graphic (Dot Matrix) type without PCB structure base.   The light weight brings a thinner module that offfer an option for a thickness sensitive display project.  The COG type of module is cost effective compare with COB, and can simply customize per your chasis needs.
You can always choose from various options according to your application needs.
Polarizer options: Reflective/ Tranflective/ Tranmission
LCD type options: TN/ STN/HTN/FSTN
LCD color options: Yellow Geen/ Blue/ Black
LED backlight options: White/ Blue/ Yellow Green/ Green/ Red/ Amber..etc

Item Dimension(m*m)
Module dimension 71.3 x 48.0
View area 66.0 x 38.0
Active area 60.78 x 32.94
Dot pitch 0.475 x 0.515

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