240x128 STN Graphic Module

240x128 STN Graphic
Resolution: 240*128
Power supply: 5V
Interface: 8080
IC: RA6963
Duty: 1/128 Duty
Mechanical Data

Monochrome Graphic (Dot Matrix) LCD modoule is featured stable and standard design which enable to digitize your product through a single chip controlled.  This type of LCD display is able to perform better than the LED segment display with user experience.
Our 240x128 LCD module can apply for industrial equipment such as medical, white goods, communication, entertainment field..etc.  You can always choose the proper LCD module according to your application needs.
Polarizer options: Reflective/ Tranflective/ Tranmission
LCD type options: TN/ STN/HTN/FSTN
LCD color options: Yellow Geen/ Blue/ Black
LED backlight options: White/ Blue/ Yellow Green/ Green/ Red/ Amber..etc


Item Dimension(m*m)
Module dimension 144.0 x 104.0
View area 114.0 x 64.0
Active area 107.98 x 57.58
Dot pitch 0.45 x 0.45

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